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Treat Your Child To Well-Rounded Development In All Aspects Of Life With Our Kids Krav Maga Classes

At Alpha Krav Maga International, we're committed to helping children all across our community develop into well-rounded young adults who are prepared for whatever life throws their way. 

Our Kids Krav Maga classes use high-energy drills and instruction as a vehicle for improved discipline, respect, and self-defense. We have age-specific instruction for students as young as 6 and as old as 15. 

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What Makes Our Kids Krav Maga Classes Right For Your Child?

While most people regard martial arts training as just being punching and kicking, these techniques when correctly addressed in a proper learning environment it is so much more.

In our Kids Martial Arts program, we emphasize the character building aspects of martial arts training such as focus, self respect, respect for others, discipline and awareness. We teach these through specific drills combined with skills training that we have developed over the years.

These drills are designed to help students:

  • Develop listening skills
  • Follow directions
  • Build functional strength and physicality
  • Learn better eye-hand coordination
  • Improve their left-right recognition
  • Establish patience and how to wait for one's turn
  • Increase their awareness of personal space and space of others
  • And have tons of fun while still learning!

Our Kids Martial Arts Program Is Perfect For Students All Across Scottsdale 

We know how important it is to offer developmentally appropriate instruction for our students. That's why we break our classes down into specific age groups where your child can train alongside classmates of their same size and skill level. 

Our Kids Martial Arts classes here at Alpha Krav Maga Scottsdale include instruction for:

  • Ages 6-9
  • Ages 10-14

We work hard every day to keep our students safe and help them learn with complete confidence.

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At Alpha Krav Maga International, we are committed to the success of every child who walks through our doors. Our Kids Martial Arts classes offer the best combination of mental, physical, and emotional development and we can't wait to share it with your child. 

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