Alpha Krav Maga Scottsdale Reviews

Sam is a great instructor who breaks each process down to make learning Krav Maga a simple and effective process. Each class I have attended has had people of all different demographics and backgrounds. I highly recommend this training facility to anyone who wants to learn self defense and get a good workout.

Aaron C

I'm hooked! Best workout I've had in years. Sam is an incredible instructor that works well with all skill levels. My next class can't come soon enough.

Todd N - Fountain Hills

Todd N - Im Hooked

Great place to burn some steam and learn excellent Krav Maga! Sam really takes the time to help verbally and physically teach everyone so you feel like you're getting one on one help with everything. The classes are reasonably sized and spacious. I highly recommend stopping by to check out any of their classes!!


Sam is an incredible teacher. They make it fun, challenging, and very rewarding. I truly love every second of the training. So great!

Patrick V - Scottsdale

Great place to train and learn self defense.

A. S.

Such an amazing place! I’m so glad it opened in my neighborhood. Such a great workout and you learn valuable real life self defense techniques.

Great place for all ages and fitness levels. My husband and kids train here as well and we LOVE IT!






Kassie - Scottsdale


The whole family trains here

Coach Sam creates a welcoming environment in an awesome facility! Great first class tonight and Coach Sam started with the fundamentals and foundation of technique and the why behind it.
Very thorough and works with each student! Combat fitness looked good also.
Come to any class and you will see that this is top-notch training and Coach Samis the real deal! Rob


Great place to train

I’ve had only great experiences learning from Sam. They are masters in self-defense as well as fabulous coaches. I would encourage everyone to come to try a class, you won’t be disappointed. Learn a skill that may save your life one day, have fun with great people, and get in better condition. Shalom. Michael


Michael R - Fountain Hills

Krav Maga Central Scottsdale

I am truly jealous of the good folks in Scottsdale that have the opportunity to train here! Awesome new facility with excellent equipment and the *very best* instructors in the business!

Ronnie Angello

Krav Maga Central Scottsdale

Outstanding instructors! Top notch training and facility! Highly recommended!

Michelle Maher Delarosa

Krav Maga Central Scottsdale

This is the best place in Arizona. World class instructors and a great and clean facility

George Buruian

Krav Maga Central Scottsdale

Sam Sade is one of the most professional martial artists you will ever find. His knowledge and teaching methodology are clearly among the finest available. Join this school now!

Patrick Carty

Krav Maga Central Scottsdale

Here it is (Scottsdale) Arizona!! The search for an Alpha Krav Maga school is over! The best school you will ever find. The instructors are the best. I will be forever grateful for the 10 years I had at the school when they were in the Chicago area. Don't miss out. You won't be sorry!

Geri Hegel

Join Us In Central Scottsdale For The Best Self-Defense Training In Town!

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