Classes are enrolling now for our Kids Krav Maga Classes.

Right now is a great way to get your kids enrolled in a summertime activity that will benefit them for the upcoming school year and the rest of their lives. Training such as ours is a tremendous benefit for children because not only will it teach them to be safe in threatening situations, but helps them build confidence as well. Confidence for a child has a lot to do with their success later on in life. Confident individuals are more apt to take on new challenges, be more assertive in their actions, willing to try alternatives when something doesn't go right the first time and a better overall attitude. This confidence is built in our program by challenging our students in class with physical and mental drills designed to be physically challenging and requiring problem solving skills. The longer a child stays in our program the more challenging it will get, increasing their skills along the way.

Give your child an "unfair" advantage by enrolling them today. The best ting you can do for them is to give them this advantage.

Coach Bert

Classes are enrolling on a continuous basis, you can start at anytime.

There is Krav Maga, then there is ALPHA KRAV MAGA!


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